Event and Session Details

KINDY is always the best place to start with your puppys education.
Learning basic manners and self control are the foundations for all happy and content companion dogs.
The first week you will be attending without your puppy. This session you will be learning some theory, how dogs learn and communicate. You will be going home with homework that will set you and your puppy up for success in your first interactive session.
Life Skills are so valuable as your puppy will learn manners and how to cope better in our human world.
You will both learn leash skills, how to keep puppys’ attention, how they can deal with grooming and being touched, place or mat training, how to calm their paws and more.
Socialisation will play a large part of the course; meeting other humans and puppies, hearing new sounds and feeling different surfaces. 
Sessions go for 45mins as your puppy will not be able to focus for much longer than that. A maximum of 6  will be in the course. All classes run indoors at The Adelaide Canine Centre, Salisbury South, near Parafield Airport.
An investment of $150.00 in the education of your puppy will set him/her up for so much more enjoyment in their life.

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