We are excited to be teaming up with several high quality service providers to assist with  your dogs’ health and well being, both physical and mental.

Adelaide Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a gentle Complementary Therapy based on Ancient Chinese Meridian Acupressure Medicine.
Combining Kinesiology, Bowen techniques and massage techniques to relax your dog, the sessions are relaxing for your companion animal and based entirely around their comfort and reaction to treatment at the time.
Several of my dogs have benefited from Jen Goodman and her caring hands.
For more details contact Jen:
Phone: 0412 693 904 or by clicking the logo


Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy offers dogs significant benefits in both rehabilitation from injury, and as a performance aid for the sport dogs.
Red Light Therapy uses a non-coherent monochromatic light of a specific wavelength (660nm), shown over centuries to be the closest match to the resonant frequency of healthy cells to alter electrical fields within the body and stimulate cellular regeneration and pain relief.  
Hip displaysia * Immune system strengthening * Vision * Tendon and ligament injuries * Arthritic joints * Muscle soreness * Fractures * Wound management * Skin conditions
For more details, contact Chelsea:
Phone: 0429 596 687