Adelaide Canine Behaviour and Training

About Us

We all want to be able to take our dog out in public and enjoy the world together.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a fantastic relationship with your dog?


Let us teach you how to communicate with, and understand your dog.




Our proven TRAINING SYSTEM is all about life-skills and not focused only on obedience, or if your dog can do a trick in your home but couldn’t care less about you when out in public.


Through Adelaide Canine Behaviour & Training you can make a difference in your dogs life.


You can learn how you are communicating with your dog through your words and body language all the time and what you may be unintentionally saying to them.


Every dog is different and there are numerous way to get the goal results you desire.


Training should be around what your dog needs to be able to fit into our complex human world. Dogs have needs to thrive, not just to survive.


By utilising reinforcement based training we focus on the individual needs and welfare of dogs at all times.


ACB&T Proven Training System


T -      TEACH     what you want your dog to know(part of the 3 Phases of Training)

R -      REPETITION     is vital as it makes things stick, so practice and practice

A -      ADD     duration, distance and distraction (the 3 D's)

 I  -      INCREASE     your goals, targets and expectations slowly

N -      NEW     environments, people, smells, sounds, surfaces = Socialisation

 I  -      INVEST     in your knowlwedge and the training of your dog

N -      NON-STOP     learning = great owners and great dogs

G -      GAINING     knowledge is a lifelong process for all dog owners


Are you excited?

Our Head Trainer

Head Trainer, Dee McLean, is passionate about animal welfare and the dog – human connection.

Having grown up with dogs and being a volunteer rescue foster care coordinator, Dee decided that formal education would benefit her, the foster carers, and the dogs and clients she worked with.

She studied Canine Training and Behaviour with the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) Victoria in 2014. From there, she has continued with an ongoing search for knowledge in areas of training special needs dogs, behaviour modification, and complex skills training and she strongly believes that learning never stops.


Having 3 dogs of her own, all adopted rescues, she has been able to utilise her skills and knowledge first hand in her day to day life. Emm, one her pack is special needs, being born deaf and vision impaired.


Dee always says “no 2 dogs are the same and each dog should be treated as an individual”.  She is always there to offer that extra care to her clients, and gets such a thrill to see the look on her clients face when ‘the penny drops’ and their face lights up.


ACB&T currently volunteer directly with several rescue organisations in South Australia. We also assist new adopters to settle their new dog into their family.




Positive K9 Training - Rules of engagement 

Glenn Cooke - Canine Aggression Workshop

Ryan Tate - Scent Detection

Larry Krohn & Dr Ravi Lyer - Drivers

Ted Efthymiadis – How to Introduce Your Dog to a Baby

IAABC - Reactivity, Dr Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB

Louise Harding's Dog Training School


  • IAABC - International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants
  • IACP - International Association of Canine Professionals
  • ABS - Animal Behavior Society  

IAABC - Canine Fear-Based Aggression,  John Ciribassi DVM, DACVB

IAABC - Desensitization and Counterconditioning, Dr Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB

IAABC - The Effects of Fear, Anxiety and Arousal on Learning, Dr Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB

Omar Von Muller, Dog Talent Academy - Masterclass 5: Puppy- train your future winner

Dunbar Academy – Growl Class Demonstration for Reactive Dogs

Studied Cert III in Canine Behaviour and Training through (NDTF)

Dip Bus, HRM; Adv Cert, Industrial Relations