My training system is all about life-skills and not focused only on obedience skills, or if your dog can do a trick in your home. My goal is to work with you to train your dog and help you by getting rid of the jargon and gimmicks, and getting back to normal language that you can understand. 
We all want to be able to take our dog out in public and enjoy the world together. Wouldn’t it be great to have a better relationship with your dog? 
Through Adelaide Canine Behaviour & Training and the Adelaide Balanced Dog Academy you CAN make a difference in your dogs life. You can learn how your energy and body language is communicating with your dog all the time. Every dog is different and there are numerous way to get the same result. Training should be about what the dogs needs to be able to fit into our complex human world.   
Are you willing to take the next step? 
Are you committed?
If so, lets take this journey together!