Adelaide Canine Behaviour and Training

Why ACB&T ?


Because the welfare of your dog

is a priority! 



Using a Dog Centered Approach to Training


We train you to train your dog


Helping You To Better Communicate and Understand Your Best Mate 



Having a dog in your life should be enjoyable, not stressful. They should be your companion , not your opponent.


Training offered by ACB&T is your first step to the better relationship you crave.


Providing a professional service based on many years of practical experience owning and training dogs, and volunteering for rescue and rehabiliatation work.


Training and information will be honest and realistic, with no hidden costs or gimmicks.

If you are prepared to learn and do the work, then we can do this together.





Specialising in private one-on-one training for deaf, blind or deaf and blind dogs.


Deaf, blind or deaf and blind dogs are no different to any other dogs. Special needs dogs hear and see with their hearts.


It is your responsibility to accept your dog as they are and treat them with love and respect, and to lead and protect them.