Adelaide Canine Behaviour and Training


Are you looking for professional, experienced and understanding one-on-one assistance?

In your home or virtually?

Private training sessions are available.

We offer a comprehensive initial assessment to allow us to identify the needs of you and your dog. We are then in the best position to offer a training plan specific to your goals.


Not quite ready to book a comprehensive initial assessment?

No problems .... on-line courses may be more your thing



Course/virtual based learning

On-line, in the comfort of your own home, on demand, 24/7....

We have you covered for that too!

Eight modules covering the basics of owneing a new puppy or dog


Everything from:

How Dogs Learn

Engagement and Rewards to

Puppy Socialisation and Toilet Training



Go on, have a closer look, we are sure you will love it and start your course today!!

Under development, come back very soon as we will have it up and avialable 

Have you heard of the term 'Double Merle ' and have not been certain what that actually is?


Many people dont fully understand the term and many more may have got the wrong end of the information stick from someone.


This FREE e-Book will clearly and simply let you know what a Double Merle is and why some of our lovely furry family members are born blind, deaf or blind and deaf.


Its FREE so why not have a quick read, you may be able to help someone else better understand what a Double Merle is.